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Will I be asked to give Toku information that might be considered "PII" or defined as "personal data"?

There are situations where Toku will ask customers to provide personal data or PII. Here's an explanation of when and why we may need to do that.

As a regulated telecommunications service provider, we are required to verify the identity of our customers and the end-users of our products and services. We may also be required to collect and retain documentation to confirm legal addresses for our customers and end-users.

This usually happens when we are asked to provision phone numbers for our customers. The specific documents we are required to collect, verify, and retain as part of your account records depend on the requirements of different countries (for example, when you want to get a virtual phone number in Vietnam, and a number to use for sending SMSes to Bangladesh).

There are other kinds of data we collect and use in the course of doing business with you, and while delivering our products and services. These are outlined in our privacy policy. We may also send you occasional reminders to review our privacy policy and terms of use, as well as specific notices when there are significant changes to these documents.

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