How do I install the Toku Connect Click to Call Extension for Google Chrome?

To use Toku Connect to make calls to any phone number within a web page, you need to install the Toku Connect / 3CX Click to Call extension. Here's how it works for Google Chrome.

Compatibility Alert: This extension works with Google Chrome Version 78 and above.

To install the Toku Connect Click to Call extension for Google Chrome, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. If you have an earlier version of the Click to Call extension installed, you should uninstall it by telling Google to remove this extension.
  3. You can do this in the following ways:
    1. From a browser window: Right-Click on the icon for the extension in your browser menu bar, and select "Remove from Chrome"
    2. From the Google Chrome "Settings" page:
      1. Select "Extensions"

        Google Chrome 3CX Extension 001
      2. Find the old extension and click "Remove"

        Google Chrome 3CX Extension 002

        Google Chrome 3CX Extension 003
  4. To install the latest version of the Toku Connect / 3CX Click to Call extension, go to the Chrome Web Store and install the new 3CX extension
    1. Click "Add to Chrome"

      Google Chrome 3CX Extension 004
    2. Cick "Add extension"
      Google Chrome 3CX Extension 005
    3. The extension is now addedGoogle Chrome 3CX Extension 006
  5. To ensure that the extension is properly installed and ready to use, close and restart Google Chrome.
  6. Open your Web Client
    1. Click on "Activate your 3CX Extension for Chrome"

      Google Chrome 3CX Extension 007
    2. Click "Allow"

      Google Chrome 3CX Extension 009
    3. Click on "Allow Notifications" to facilitate the tracking of calling events

      Google Chrome 3CX Extension 008
  7. The Toku Connect Click to Call Google Chrome extension is now ready to use!
  8. Now you can:
    1. Get alerts for calls via pop-ups even if the browser window is minimized or closed.
    2. Click to directly call numbers you find while browsing pages.

      Google Chrome 3CX Extension 010