How do I set up a video conference?

Use the Toku Connect Web Client to set up and send invitations for audio and video conferences

Ready to start conducting audio and video conferences* using Toku Connect? This article will help you get started.

First, log into the web client for your installation of Toku Connect. Then, go to the "Schedule Conference" menu item:

Then, select from the options presented for the type of meeting (Video / Audio) and when you would like to have the meeting (Now / Later). If you select "Later" you will be presented with a date and time picker.
Fill in the "Subject" field to let participants know what your meeting is about.
If you have set up the Microsoft Office or Google Apps integrations you can select that option from the "Calendar" dropdown. Otherwise, use the "3CX (direct email)" selection, as shown below.
To add participants, all you need is the email address of the parties you want to include in your meeting.
When you have finished entering all the information above, click "Create Meeting."
Participants will get an email with the details of the meeting and can RSVP, or join the meeting from the link included in the email.
* Available with all Enterprise plan accounts