Toku nGage: January 2020 Release Notes

All you need to know about the latest update and improvements made to Toku nGage

Welcome to the new release of Toku nGage. This time, we have focused on usability improvements, we have fixed some bugs and added a few new, useful features for opt in/opt out forms, Web Push campaigns, contacts, user roles, etc. Some feature requests were also addressed. We wish you an excellent read and look forward to your feedback:

Opt-in/out forms custom style options

You can now adjust your opt-in/opt-out forms to your company visual identity by choosing background, widget and text colours, insert logo and define fonts.

Style Options Opt In and Out Forms 20200127

Dashboard KPI section - Redesign

KPI Dashboard Redesign 20200127

Contact Screen Summary - Redesign

Based on various user input, the decision was made to add a read-only section for contacts. This section summarises the most important data and gives you a preview per contact. Moreover, private and business contact details have been merged into one "Contacts" tab now.

Contact Screen Summary Redesign 20200127

Finally, we changed the "History" tab to show the data in a more transparent way.

Contact History Screen Redesign 20200127

Sender ID purpose flag

Now you can add a purpose to your Sender IDs and categorise them per use case.
In other words, you may choose to have Sender IDs that are only visible for specific sections:

  • Easy SMS;
  • Campaign; and/or
  • Opt-in/Opt-out forms.

Each sender ID must have at least one purpose.

Sender ID Purpose Flag 20200127

Anniversary segmentation

Use segmentation filters for any date field anniversary. That means that this filter can segment contacts with anniversary dates that will happen within a certain time frame (E.g. in 5 days). The anniversary date can also cover any event type (Birthday, User Registration, National Day Celebrations,...).

Segmentation Anniversary Dates 20200127

Opt-In forms without "Options"

Create Opt-in forms without defining Subscription options. Instead subscribers will get a global opt-in status set to "All”. This is applicable for bot SMS and Web forms.

Opt-In Form without Options 20200127

Imported Campaign Wizard - Update

The imported campaign wizard has been improved as the file import has been simplified to only two options:

  1. Import list with complete "Message Data:; or
  2. Import only list of contacts.

The relevant options show up once the selections has been made. 

Imported Campaign Wizard Update 20200127