Toku nGage: December 2019 Release Notes

The December 2019 release for Toku nGage is live! We have made some great improvements based on our customers' feedback, and we've added some cool new features, too!

Our team has been hard at work and this month we're capping off a great year with the release of a number of user-requested enhancements and new features we cannot wait to show you. Check it out!
  1. Custom fields may be used to check for duplicate contacts
    1. Now users can check for duplicate contacts using a custom field, instead of only a mobile phone number.
    2. Please note that only short text and number fields can be set as fields to use for duplicate checking.
  2. Custom fields may be added to the main contact list table view
    1. The main contact list view table now allows users the option to add additional fields - including custom fields!
    2. The user-configured view can also be saved as a preset, so you can switch between different views of your contacts as you wish.
  3. One-time Campaign Wizard
    1. Users can import contacts and message content for use in a single campaign, without saving these contacts in Toku nGage.
    2. Users can import contacts to use for a single campaign, but those contacts will not be saved as contacts inside Toku nGage.
    3. This function allows users to choose an Excel file and to map the columns within that file for the message recipient phone number, and message text.
    4. In addition, when using the regular campaign builder, users can choose to use to import contact details and message content from a file for a one-time campaign or to import the contacts as new contacts.
  4. Smarter opt-in/opt-out message warnings during campaign setup
    1. The warning notification that used to appear if a campaign is set up without using an Opt-Out link should only appear when there is no text or link included in the message for the Opt-Out process.
    2. The system used to throw an error even if the Opt-Out text or link was inserted manually, causing confusion and annoyance
  5. Improved message template management
    1. A new feature for the Campaign Manager allows users to create and manage message templates for use in campaigns.
    2. This is a more intuitive way of managing message templates than trying to create and save or manage message templates during the campaign setup process.
    3. Note that you can still save message templates when using the Campaign Manager if you like.
  6. Segmentation filters now allow filtering by subscription options
    1. Users may now find subscribed or unsubscribed contacts using this field, and then segment your contacts by subscription option when building campaigns.
  7. Easier-to-use numeric-only web opt-in/opt-out Codes
    1. The latest release of Toku nGage now supports the use of a seven-digit numeric opt-in/opt-out code format.
    2. This will make it much easier for SMS recipients to reply to opt-in/opt-out confirmations, as opposed to having to enter alphanumeric codes, as before.
      Newsletter Opt-in/Opt-out form upgrade
    3. If an opt-in/opt-out form is deleted before a message recipient uses the opt-in/opt-out link, the system now fails gracefully, informing the recipient that the content is no longer available instead of hanging.
  8. Other usability improvements
    1. The contact manager has seen a few improvements to the user interface.
      1. If the "International" format is chosen for phone numbers during the contact list import process, the system will now check to see if a "+" is inserted in front of imported numbers, and will add it if the "+" is not present in the import file.
      2. In addition, users will receive warnings indicating that an import may take longer than expected if the source Excel file is very large.
    2. The Campaign Manager list view now shows the most recent campaigns first, by default.