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How can I provide my account verification information to Toku?

There are many ways to transmit information electronically, but there's only ONE way we recommend for sending private data to Toku.

When you contact Toku and arrange to set up a new account, we will provide you with access to a secure file upload service.

Documents submitted to Toku via this service are fully encrypted during transmission to Toku. Once they are submitted via the secure file upload service, they are stored so that only individuals responsible for setting up your account can access them, and only for the purposes of provisioning services for your account.

If you cannot use the Toku secure file upload service, for any reason, you should contact us as soon as possible, so we can work out a viable alternative.

We DO NOT recommend, under any circumstance (!), sending personal data or sensitive information over email. There are other methods by which information may be transmitted securely, including via third-party file storing services like Dropbox, Box, or even Google Drive.

However, the safest and most secure method of sending us any requested information is the Toku secure file upload service.

Contact us to get more information, including a private upload link if needed.

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