Make, Receive, and Transfer Calls

How to make, receive, and transfer calls in Toku Connect

Web Client

  1. Make a call by clicking on an extension or enter name/number in the search box.
  2. Toggle the phone icon to trigger a call on your smartphone, deskphone or web client.
  3. Transfer a call by clicking “Transfer” or “Att. Transfer”, enter the extension or name.
    1. If Att. Transfer announce the call and click “Transfer”.
    2. To blind transfer click “Transfer” and hang up


Mobile App

  1. Make calls by using the number pad or selecting contacts from your address book.
  2. When you're on a call, click “Transfer” or “Att. Transfer”.
  3. Enter the extension or search by name, tap “Transfer” and hang up.
  4. If Att. Transfer announce the call and click “Transfer”



You can also watch the following video to see how this works: