I have missed call notifications!

But my Toku Connect never rang when people tried to reach me!

There are multiple reasons why you might experience missed call notifications and Toku Connect never indicated you had an incoming call.

We have compiled several reasons why this might happen, based upon our own experience:

  • For Toku Connect to work effectively, you need to be connected to a good WiFi or 4G connection with at least 2 Mbps, preferably dedicated, or above of available bandwidth.
  • We strongly recommend disabling any "power-saving" settings on your mobile device, that may restrict Toku Connect's ability to operate in the background when not in use.
  • You must remove any background data usage restrictions for Toku Connect, as this will block incoming calls when you are not actively using the Toku Connect app.
  • If you request an account reset on Toku Connect, this may impact your ability to receive calls.

If you need additional information or help with your Toku Connect account, please contact our friendly team at support@tokuworld.com.