How to integrate Grandstream IP Phones into Toku Connect

A step-by-step guide on how to get your Grandstream phones working with Toku Connect

Step 1: Download Firmware & Copy to Provisioning Directory

These phones have been tested with Toku Connect with the following firmware only:

  • Grandstream GXP-1160 - Firmware
  • Grandstream GXP-1165 - Firmware
  • Grandstream GXP-1400 - Firmware
  • Grandstream GXP-1405 - Firmware
  • Grandstream GXP-1450 - Firmware
  • Grandstream GXP-2100 - Firmware
  • Grandstream GXP-2110 - Firmware
  • Grandstream GXP-2120 - Firmware
  • Grandstream GXP-2124 - Firmware

Therefore you need to ensure that the phones are running this firmware. To do this:

  1. Download the Grandstream GXP support files
  2. Find the provisioning folder of your 3CX Install – by default it is something like:

    Where XXXXXX is the randomly generated folder name of 8 to 12 characters.
  3. Place the firmwares into this folder.

Step 2: Factory Reset your Phone

  1. Press “Menu.”
  2. Press “Config” or System”


  1. Navigate down to “Factory Reset” option and press “Menu” or “OK” depending on the model.


  1. Selecting and confirming “OK” will restart your phone, which will after be successfully reset.

Step 3: Configure the phone in Toku Connect

In case your Toku Connect Phone System does not run on SIP port 5060, or the phone is not located within the same local LAN subnet, refer to step 3.1.

  1. Connect the phone to the network. It will send a PnP request to Toku Connect.
  2. Now go to the Toku Connect Management Console -> Phones node -> the phone should be listed.



  1. Single click on the BOLD entry and choose “Assign Ext” or “Add Ext” depending on whether you want to assign the phone to an existing extension or create a new one.
  2. All major provisioning settings are pre-populated. If your Toku Connect has multiple network cards, select to which network this IP Phone is connected. Optional settings include the base “Time Zone”.



  1. Finish the extension setup configuration.
  2. Upon the “OK” of the extension configuration the phone will be auto provisioned!

Step 3.1 Configure the phone in Toku Connect (Alternative)

1: Configure the phone in Toku Connect


1. Log in to your Toku Connect Management Console ⇒ Phones ⇒ press “Add Phone.”

2. Pick an extension from the list to which the IP phone shall be assigned.

3. Select the model and enter the MAC address of the device which can be found on the back
of the device itself.

4. Optional set the “Phone Display Language” and “Timezone” for the device.

5. Take a copy of the
“Provisioning Link” which needs to be entered into the Grandstream GXP in step 2.

2: Enter the Information into the Web Interface of the device


  1. Open the Web Interface of the Grandstream phone and login (default password is admin).
  2. Navigate to “Maintenance” ⇒ “Upgrade and Provisioning.”
  3. Set the “Upgrade via” to HTTP.
  4. In “Configuration Server Path”and “Firmware Server Path” enter the provisioning link taken from step 1 and paste in without http://” 
    (example: pbx.mybusiness.local/provisioning/pc56bscs195k)
  5. Press “Save and Apply” and “Reboot” which can be found in the top right corner of the Grandstream web interface.


Note that these phones can not be used from a remote location or in combination with a 3CX in the cloud.

Known limitations of Grandstream GXP are:

  • No STUN Support
  • No SBC Support
  • No direct UI access
  • Old Provisioning files in “provsubdir” must deleted if coming from v14 if not the phone will read old configuration files