How do i block calls?

If you want to block certain calls on your Toku Connect, here's the steps

Web Client (Chrome / Firefox)

  1. Login to your Toku Connect Web Client.
  2. Go to Settings, click on "Call Forwarding".
  3. Go to "Exceptions" and you will see "+" on the top.
  4. Click the "+" button.

It will prompt a new window as follow:

  1. Input the number you intended to block. Remember, only one number per rule/exception.
  2. The next setting, "Received During" depends on your preference of when you do not want to receive the call. If you want to block it permanently, leave it as "All Hours".
  3. Lastly, "Forward To" setting is the action taken for that particular number.  If you want to block it permanently, select "Send Busy".
  4. Now, the call is blocked. 

If you require further clarification, please let us know by dropping us an email @