How does the Hubspot integration for Toku Connect work?

Toku Connect integrates with a number of popular CRM systems, as well as a wide range of standard databases. This article explains how the Hubspot integration for Toku Connect works.

Toku Connect's integration with Hubspot provides many benefits for your users, including:

  • Contact Synchronization: Inbound calls from external numbers trigger a lookup to your Hubspot CRM. If the contact already exists the call is logged to the customer record.
  • Create New Contact: If the caller is not recognized, Toku Connect will tell Hubspot to create a new contact.

    Contact Creation Hubspot Toku Connect

  • Call Pop-ups – When using the Toku Connect Web Client, the Hubspot customer record is displayed automatically when you receive a call.
  • Call Journals – As mentioned above, all calls made and received from Toku Connect are logged so you can review them via your Hubspot account.

    Call Journals Hubspot Toku Connect
  • Click-to-Call – With the Toku Connect browser extension installed (available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge), you can launch calls directly from Hubspot using Toku Connect.