How do I know if my SMS messages were delivered?

I have run my first campaign on Toku nGage (Hey, look at you!). How do I tell if everything worked?

Toku nGage is a powerful marketing and customer engagement tool that allows you to set up, configure, and execute targeted messaging campaigns to a qualified audience - your audience.

When you run a campaign, you also want to know whether the messages you sent reached their intended recipients and, if possible, find out what happened if there were any issues with your campaign.

You can review campaign performance by logging into nGage at, and clicking on the "Campaigns" tab in the lefthand menu.

From there you'll see a list of the campaigns run under your nGage account. If you click on the name of the campaign you want to analyze, a pop-up window will open and display a summary view of campaign performance, including a pie chart that shows you the number and % of messages that fall into one of four different buckets:

  1. Delivered - Messages that were confirmed to be delivered to the recipient by the final destination carrier.
  2. Unconfirmed - Messages that were sent to the final destination carrier but about which there is no other information regarding delivery (error, undelivered or delivered).
  3. Error - There was a problem that prevented the retrieval of a message status, or delivery of the message.
  4. Undelivered - The message was not delivered to the recipient, and we have confirmation that the message was not sent.