How do I configure the Advanced Queue Features?

The advanced call centre features are included in the Toku Connect Pro & Enterprise Plans.

Additional Queue Strategies

Pro edition includes these additional Queue strategies:

  • Longest Waiting Time – forwards a call to the agent waiting for the longest.
  • Least Talk Time – forwards the call to the agent with the least total talk time.
  • Fewest Answered – forwards the call to the agent who answered the least number of calls.
  • Hunt by Threes Prioritized – forwards the call simultaneously to the top 3 agents, as prioritized in the “Agents” > “Call Queue Agents” section.
  • Hunt by Threes Random – sends the call simultaneously to 3 random agents.
  • Round Robin – sequentially cycle through agents logged in the queue, i.e. first call is sent to agent 1, the second call to agent 2 and so on.
Call queue agents


The Enterprise edition also includes Skill-based routing, moving incoming queue calls to agents in the next skill group if members of the previous skill group(s) are busy or logged out. For example, a call centre can assign its support agents in increasing skill-level groups based on their expertise. In this way, incoming calls are first assigned to agents in the level “1” skill group and when not available, move on to the less experienced agents in subsequent skill groups. These “Skill Based Routing” strategies are available:

  • Ring All - ring the phones of all the agents in this skill group.
  • Hunt Random Start - randomly select an agent to assign the call to, distributing evenly the calls among the agents in this skill group.
  • Round Robin - cycles sequentially through all available queue agents in this skill group.
  • Fewest Answered - prioritizes available agents who answered the least number of calls in this skill group.

Additional Queue Options

In PRO and Enterprise editions, you can configure these additional options:

    • “Callback” – enable to allow callers to hang up and get a callback. You need to specify the “Callback Outbound Prefix” tο trigger an outbound rule to make the call. Set the “Callback mode” to be requested by the caller by pressing “2”, or to be offered when the queue timeout is reached.
    • “Wrap-Up Time” – gives the agent the specified time in seconds to enter notes into the call record, after taking a call.
    • “Maximum Callers in Queue” – when this number is reached, calls are routed according to the settings in the “Destination if no answer” section.
    • Queue Statistics Reset”  – click to reset the Queue Agent Calls and Wallboard statistics, or set a periodic schedule for automatic reset. Detailed statistics for the queue, i.e. average call time, average wait time, etc, are visible through the Agent Status and Queue Monitoring functions in the Toku Connect Web Client.
    • Configure SLA Time” -  calls remaining unanswered in the queue for more than the number of seconds set in this field, are considered as breaching the SLA time limit in relevant reports and statistics.
    • “Queue Recording” - setting for caller opt-in or opt-out of queue recording. Depending on the options set, the caller can press DTMF 3 to opt-out or confirm being recorded.
    • “Queue Email Notifications” – enable to notify the manager for certain queue events, i.e. calls breaching the SLA time limit, queue calls lost and callback activity.

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