Call Quality: Voice Clarity and Noise Issues

You may want to check your device settings and take these steps to ensure you are getting the highest quality calls.

We strive to deliver the highest quality voice calling while balancing that with scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. While there are certainly factors outside of our control which can contribute to the quality of your communications experience, here are a few things you can do to ensure your device is set up properly to take advantage of the ambient noise reduction and echo cancellation features available on many mobile devices.

Check your mobile device's audio settings

  1. Open the Toku Connect application on your phone.
  2. From the main menu, select "Settings", then select "Audio Options"
  3. Make sure that the "Echo Cancellation" option is turned "On"
  4. If you have the option of selecting or changing the "Microphone Gain", make sure that it is set to 8.

Using a Laptop or PC?

You can use Toku Connect from web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Most current web browsers will take advantage of hardware acceleration and other features like adaptive noise cancellation if your computer offers those features. However, you may want to doublecheck the audio settings for your computer and web browser to be certain that this is the case for your machine.

Just as Mac OSX is a very different operating system from Windows 10, web browsers are also different from each other and in terms of how they work on different operating systems.

Use a good set of headphones!

    If you're using Toku Connect on your mobile phone, we highly recommend using a good set of headphones or earbuds. Many Bluetooth-enabled headphones and earbuds also provide some level of ambient noise cancellation, which can help improve what you hear. Higher-end headsets also help focus on picking up your voice instead of the noises from your surroundings, which can help deliver better quality sound to the parties you're talking with.

    If you're in an office environment, you can purchase many IP desk phones that work well with Toku Connect. Many of them also offer the option to use headsets and provide noise-canceling and audio processing capabilities that will improve the quality of your calls.

    If all else fails, contact us!

    There are several other factors that might affect the quality of your audio calls, including the bandwidth available for calls on the wireless or wired network you are using, the quality of the underlying internet connections over which your calls are being delivered, and more.

    We are available to help you identify and address these issues, wherever we can help. You can reach us on live chat from our website or by email at