What devices can I use with Toku Connect?

Toku Connect works with a variety of devices from mobile phones and web browsers to IP desk phones.

Web Browsers

The web client for Toku Connect works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

There are also extensions that help make Toku Connect an integrated part of your web browsing experience.

Mobile Apps

There are apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Desktop Apps

Find out more about the Windows and Mac OSX apps, here.

You can also download the apps from the following links:

SIP / IP Phones

Toku Connect provides native support for a variety of different SIP / IP desk phones, DECT phones, conference phones from Fanvil, Grandstream, Htek, Polycom, snom, and Yealink.

For a complete list of all supported devices as well as documentation on how to configure them for use with Toku Connect, please visit https://www.3cx.com/sip-phones/

Infrastructure Devices

Toku Connect also supports several different infrastructure devices including door phones, PA systems, and intercom systems from Alphatech, Cyberdata, and Fanvil.