Managing Your Status

Set your status so your colleagues know when you're available

Web Client

Set your status to let colleagues know if you are available to take a call with the Status” selector, and auto-configure call forwarding:

"Set Status" menu options in 3CX Web Client

  • “Available” - ready to receive calls.
  • “Away” - temporarily unavailable, divert to voicemail.
  • “Do Not Disturb” - divert to voicemail.
  • “Lunch” - set a custom status.
  • “Business Trip” - set a second custom status.
  • “Set Status Temporarily” - set status and message for a defined time period.

You can also edit any status message by clicking on the "Pencil" icon next to any status.

Further customize your “Status”, in Web Client’s Settings” > “Call Forwarding”:

  • “Custom status message” - set a custom message for statuses.
  • “Custom Profile Name” - rename the “Lunch” and “Business Trip” profiles.
  • “No Answer Timeout” - number of seconds to activate forwarding for “Unanswered Calls” for “Available” and “Lunch” profiles.
  • “Exceptions” - override forwarding rules to divert calls based on Caller ID and time of call.

Mobile Apps

In the mobile app you can change your status by clicking on the upper righthand corner of the screen, where you see the status indicator. Just as with the web client (above), you can change or edit your status from there.

mobile-app-main       mobile-profile-status


You can also click on the ">" to the right of any status message to:

  • Set a custom status message
  • Switch your status back to "available" after a specified period of time
  • Change internal and external call forwarding options
  • Turn internal and external "Out of Office" voicemail "on" or "off"