How do I check and make sure my account is set to the correct region and time zone?

Check that your account is set to the correct time zone and country when you sign into your account for the first time.

Account localization ensures that when you set up and run campaigns, nGage knows where you are and what default settings to apply for the country codes and your regional settings like time zone.

To check that the settings on your nGage account are correct, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the “User” icon in the upper right of the nGage main menu
  2. Go to “Account Settings”. This will open in a new browser tab

  3. Ensure that the Country, Language and other Localization Settings are correct
  4. If they are not correct, click on the "Settings" at the top of this window to change them.

  5. You should see a new popup window that looks something like this:

  6. Correct or change any settings as you wish, and click "Save".
  7. To exit "Account Settings," you can close this browser tab and return to the original nGage tab or browser window.