Can we receive and send Fax with Toku Connect?

Yes, you can receive Fax in PDF format, however, Toku Connect’s Fax Servers do not have outbound fax functionality.

For Incoming Fax:

Toku Connect has a Fax Server that allows users to receive fax in PDF format and forward the fax to one or more extensions. This requires users to configure a line or a DID to be dedicated for receiving of faxes so that all calls on this number are forwarded to the Toku Connect Fax Server.

Toku Connect’s Phone System already has a preconfigured fax extension (ext : 888). This extension is used by the Fax server for incoming fax calls, which will be routed to an email address.

For Outgoing Fax:

Unfortunately, Toku Connect’s Fax Severs do not have outbound fax functionality.

Users are suggested to look into 3rd party online fax services such as eFax, FaxZero, Fax.Plus. Users will be required to have a pre-existing Fax ATA (analogue telephone adapter) which connects fax machines, telephones to a digital phone system