Can I suspend my Toku Connect number temporarily?

Toku Connect is a monthly subscription service. We hope you find it useful and that you'll always want to use it.

Toku Connect is a paid service that is charged as a monthly fixed amount (subscription), with additional variable charges based upon usage of international calling services.

We do not allow temporary suspensions or deactivation of Toku Connect.

The monthly subscription fee is what you pay in order for Toku to lease you the virtual number(s) that you use for Toku Connect. This fixed fee applies regardless of how much (or little) you use Toku Connect.

If you do decide to terminate or cancel your Toku Connect subscription, t the number(s) you use with Toku Connect may be reassigned to other users.

Should you choose to terminate your subscription, the number you use may be re-assigned to other users of Toku Connect, and may not be available should you decide to resubscribe to Toku Connect in the future.

In addition, the monthly subscription fee you pay may also change upon resubscribing for Toku Connect, as you will be subject to the prevailing price for Toku Connect, at that time.